Official master's degree in Public Administration

An inter-university and interdisciplinary master's degree offered by top quality lecturers which will allow you to acquire the skills needed to succeed in the public administration sector

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The Master's degree in Public Administration comprises 60 ECTS credits, to be taken in a single academic year with two semesters of 30 credits. Seven Modules of ten credits are offered, of which students have to take five compulsory common modules and choose one of two optional modules. The optional modules are "Professional Practices" and "Research Methodology". The Master's degree has no specialisations or tracks.

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Study plan structure


Type Credits
Compulsory 40
Optional 10
Master Thesis 10


Module Credits Type
Economics for the Public Sector 10 OB
Instruments for Public Administration and Management 10 OB
Master's Dissertation 10 OB
Organisation, Human Resources, and Management 10 OB
Public Policy Analysis and Management 10 OB
Professional Practice 10 OT
Research Methodology 10 OT


OB: Compulsory
OT: Optional