Official master's degree in Marketing

Train professionals in making data driven commercial decisions both for nonprofit and for-profit organisations and consultancy agencies

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Master description

The Master's degree in Marketing is oriented towards professional practice, and comprises 60 credits to be taken in two semesters of an academic year. Of these 60 credits, 50 are compulsory (40 for basic contents and 10 for the master's dissertation) and 10 are optional.

The optionality referred to is specified in four modules:

Socio-Political Marketing: this module is focussed on the commercial problems that companies or organizations with a social or political nature have to face. It deals with the study of the context of this kind of organizations and especially with the study of the political and electoral behaviour of individuals.

Commercial Communication: this module aims to prepare students to develop specific functions in the design and execution of communication and advertising strategies, as well as to deal with problems that agencies specialised in this subject have to face.

Work placement: this module aims that students undertake a placement in a partner company.

Marketing based in data and behaviour: In this module students develop competencies and abilities that are necessary to propose and evaluate marketing decisions based on data.

Teaching timetable

Classes take place in the evenings.

Calendar and timetable

Study plan structure


Type Credits
Compulsory 40
Optional 10
Master Thesis 10


Module Credits Type
Advanced Marketing 10 OB
Advanced Research 10 OB
Consumer Behaviour 10 OB
Emerging Marketing 10 OB
Master's Dissertation 10 OB
Commercial Communication 10 OT*
Data-Based Marketing and Behaviour-Based Marketing 10 OT*
Professional Practice 10 OT*
Socio-Political Marketing 10 OT*

* Optional, you must take 10 credits

OB: Compulsory
OT: Optional

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