Professional training

Job placements

- These are compulsory or optional placements in accordance with the syllabus.
- The aim of these placements is to introduce students to the real work conditions in this sector.
- The placements take place at diverse companies. An agreement is signed between the company, the student and the School of Tourism and Hotel Management.
- Students follow a planned and monitored programme that involves a rotation around the different business areas of the sector, both public and private: travel agents, hotel chains, public institutions, business associations, consultancies and congress organizers, among many others.
- Students can choose to do national or international placements.

External academic placements can be curricular or extracurricular.

a) External placements are termed curricular when they form part of the study programme, and count for ECTS credits. More information
b) Placements are deemed extracurricular when they do not form part of the study programme and are completely voluntary on the part of the student. They must still be directly linked to the studies. More information

Hotel-School Placements

Residential placements provide students of the Bachelor's Degree in Hotel Management with their first opportunity to make contact with the hotel and catering sectors.
The placements last 15 weeks: 5 in each of the 3 areas (reception, kitchens and restaurant), and take place in the Hotel Exe Campus, located opposite the School.


Students can enrol in coaching sessions and activities which are offered by the School's counseling service aimed to guide them to deploy their potential and develop their career plan.

The job placements are managed by the UAB Foundation's own Job Bank and Placements Unit.

List of work placement centres

Take a look at the companies that host students of the School of Tourism and Hotel Management in job placements.

In Catalonia

In Spain and international