Study plan Bachelor's Degree in Hotel Management

Basic skills

  • Develop critical thinking and reasoning and communicate ideas effectively, both in the mother tongue and in other languages.
  • Develop independent learning strategies.
  • Respect diversity in ideas, people and situations.
  • Generate innovative and competitive proposals for research and professional activities.

Specific skills

  • Show familiarity and understanding of the basic principles of the hotel and catering business.
  • Apply the concepts related to hotel and catering products and businesses at the strategic, operative, tactical and functional levels.
  • Make use of the industry's knowledge and skills to carry out professional or academic work.
  • Propose creative solutions to problems, and show initiative and an entrepreneurial spirit in order to deal with the dynamic nature of this sector.
  • Identify and appraise the elements that form the context in which the hotel and catering industry operates, and assess their impact on the industry.

Transversal skills

  • Demonstrate ethical behaviour and leadership qualities in the management of environmental, social and cultural resources.
  • Adapt to technological changes and make use of all available communication tools.
  • Understand the business operation, interpreting its needs and anticipating future change.
  • Plan and organise work done in teams, take decisions in different contexts and assess the consequences of these.
  • Put the knowledge acquired into practice, adopting a client-oriented approach.