Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Public Administration

An integrated training in the scientific knowledge of politics, at the same time oriented towards research and professional practice, with an aim of fostering democratic values and a critical spirit

Degree in Political Science and Public Management

The Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Public Administration traditionally has been characterised by its both theoretical and practical approach, and oriented towards research and professional practice.

Given that it combines solid basic training with a large number of optional subjects, you will be able to choose a specialisation depending on your interests:

  • Political Analysis, in which you will delve more deeply into knowledge on political actors and institutions and develop the capacity to analyse political phenomena.
  • Analysis and Management of Public Policy, in which you will learn more about the functioning of public administrations and the development of public policies.
  • International Relations, in which you will work on the policies countries and other actors conduct in an international scenario.

The Faculty of Political Science and Sociology, a pioneering centre in these types of studies, puts special emphasis on the internationalisation of academic activities (Erasmus with 85 universities in Europe, subjects taught in English) and on gaining professional experience, through work placements with a variety of institutions and businesses.

Career options

Public administration, public companies and teaching are the most common sectors offering prospects for graduates of this degree. Other main job sectors are:

  • Counselling and managing NGOs, trade unions, political parties and different associations.
  • Diplomacy.
  • Information agencies for companies and organisations.
  • Consultancy in large companies and multinationals.
  • Media as an expert in international politics and relations.

Mobility programmes

Professional training