Fes matemàtiques Mathematics is one thing and many things at once. It is the basic language of science and technology – a language that is universally valid and always current, without which the advances of modern society would be impossible. This has never been truer than it is today, as we witness a veritable explosion in the application of mathematical models in numerous fields of science, technology, the humanities, etc. Mathematics clearly plays an essential role in the information and communication society. Data processing and statistics play an important role in practically all fields of science. But mathematics is also research – interdisciplinary and application-oriented, or motivated by mathematics itself. As an intellectual activity, mathematics research is also creation, discovery, exploration and even passion. It is a proven fact – one which has even become a stereotype – that mathematics stimulates and strengthens intellectual qualities such as the capacity for analysis and assimilation and the ability to deeply penetrate the structure of things and problems.
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In today’s labour market, there is a strong and growing demand for mathematics and statistics, especially in the sectors of business, industry and technology. The UAB’s Department of Mathematics has published the book Fes Matemàtiques! in the hope of inspiring secondary-school students to pursue a career in this field. The goals of the book are as follows:

  • To demonstrate some of the many applications of mathematics. Readers will explore a broad spectrum of topics, including music, football pools, genetics, image processing, encoding, finance and astronomy.
  • To pose problems, categorised by degree of difficulty, in ten different mathematical specialisations, including topology, arithmetic, optimisation, numerical experimentation and statistics.
  • To offer mathematical entertainment.
  • To take readers on a journey through the history of mathematics, featuring the biographies of important mathematicians and a selection of references on science in general and mathematics in particular.

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