Disability and specific educational needs

Other UAB services

Other UAB Services

Psychoeducational Counselling Unit
The Psychoeducational Counselling Unit offers different training sessions on study and learning techniques for all UAB students to improve their study outcomes.
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Physical Activities Service (SAF)
The Physical Activities Service is a disabled-friendly service. As a student with a disability you are entitled to a free sports medicine check-up and the first trial month for free.

Disabled-friendly accommodation
Vila Universitària is an 810-room residential complex on the UAB campus. Twenty-four Vila Universitària apartments are adapted for people with reduced mobility.

The UAB has an emergency action plan. In the case of people with a disability, a support person is assigned to people with a visual impairment and two support people are assigned to people with reduced mobility to act in the event of evacuation.
When you enrol, please inform your faculty so this protocol can be implemented in an emergency.

The UAB has seven libraries on its main campus and at Sabadell.
As a student with a disability you may request:
- An extension on loans.
- Bibliographic research support. However, please remember that the main UAB libraries have disabled-friendly research IT points with special speech synthesis and zoom-in large-print programs.
- Support in book loans. You can also use the TV glasses in the reading rooms. TV glasses are letter-expansion systems that facilitate access to the printed word for the visually impaired. TV glasses are free to use.
Find more information on the UAB libraries website.

Study booths
The booths are individual study spaces for exclusive use by students with a visual impairment or reduced mobility. They feature computer equipment with cutting-edge adaptive technical resources to ensure access to information: software programs with voice recognition or character expansion, and peripherals such as adapted mice and keypads.
The study booths are located at:
-4 booths on the fourth floor of the Communication Library and General Newspaper Archives
-2 booths in the Social Sciences Library
-2 booths in the Humanities Library
The study booths are managed by Solidarity Autonomous Foundation. To use them, ask the PIUNE Student Disability Service for an accreditation pass that you must show at the information desk in order to be allocated a booth and provided with an entry key.