Disability and specific educational needs

UAB Impuls Employment Programme

UAB Impuls – Employment Programme

The UAB Impuls – Employment Programme – offered jointly by the PIUNE and the UAB Employment Service, aims to facilitate entry into the workplace by students and graduates of the UAB with a disability or at risk of social exclusion.  
To that end it offers services to both students and graduates with disabilities and also to companies:

Services for students and graduates with disabilities:

  • Advice in defining short- and medium-term objectives.
  • Advice in producing different documents in the search for work (Curriculum Vitae, letter of presentation, etc).
  • Information about different ways of searching for work.
  • Recommendations of activities to develop key transferable competences (self-knowledge, communication, responsibility, organisation, proactiveness, team working).
  • Guidance to prepare for selection processes.

UAB Impuls leaflet...Looking for work? (Available in Catalan)
Services for companies:

  • Advice on tax advantages.
  • Diffusion of job offers and preselection of candidates.
  • Advice on adaptations of the workplace and follow up after contracting.
  • Awareness-raising and training activities.

UAB Impuls leaflet...Looking for talent? (Available in Catalan)
For more information please visit the PIUNE offices or the Employment Service (situated in the Plaça Civica) or send an email to fas.uab.impuls@uab.cat.

UAB Impuls receives the support of ”la Caixa” Social Projects in the framework of Incorpora Programme and the Board of Trustees.