Volunteering activities ECTS 2019-20

This volunteer programme for actions of solidarity 2018-2019 brings students closer to situations of inequality and offer them the option of becoming involved in social change. Practical work is carried out in the different volunteer programmes both organised by the FAS and in collaboration with faculties of the UAB and other organisations and platforms, as well as in the programme of support by students to students with disabilities (PIUNE).

Students have the chance to work on the ground and in teams at an interdisciplinary level, and to reflect on the knowledge acquired in the courses that we offer. The programmes use the methodology of learning-service which integrates voluntary service into the community through the learning of content, competences, skills, attitudes and values.

Projects in which students can participate and opt for ECTS credits:

  • Justice programme: fas.justicia@uab.cat  
  • Environment programme: fas.mediambient@gmail.com  
  • Refuge programme: dinamitzacio.acollida@gmail.com  
  • Health programme: fas.salut@uab.cat  
  • CROMA Socioeducational programme: fas.croma@uab.cat  
  • Let's Go Socioeducational programme: letsgo.badia@gmail.com 
  • Socio-health programme: fas.sociosanitari@uab.cat  
  • Repassem Junts programme (EUSS): amoreno@euss.es 
  • PIUNE – Support Students: fas.piune@uab.cat 

Dates and timetable: 2019-2020 academic year with variable timetables according to the programme
Credits and hours: between 2 and 6 ECTS credits (depending on the programme and the hours of voluntary activity. For more specific information ask the contact person)
Inscription period: Closed
Price: €25