Join the erotic storytelling competition

Participa en la nova edició del concurs literari de relats eròtics

The eighth edition of the FAS’ erotic storytelling competition is open for registration on three categories: prose, poetry and tweet. Texts can be submitted until April 18.


The eighth edition of the erotic storytelling contest is launched by the FAS health program. The contest is open to everyone between 16 and 30 years old. 

The competition has three categories: poetry (in free format), prose (maximum 1.500 words) or a tweet of 140 characters. You can take part in more than one category and texts can be submitted in Catalan, Spanish and English. 

The theme of the story should be related to sexuality and eroticism and everyone is free to interpret the theme however they choose. Nevertheless, work that incorporates a gender perspective and a healthy self-image and sexuality will be positively valued. On the other hand, stories which explicitly or implicitly show fantasies or stories about sexual violence or patriarchal points of view and/or promote stereotypes and gender roles are going to be valued negatively. All work that displays non-consensual relationships where physical, psychological and emotional violence is eroticized, is going to be disqualified. 

To participate, you must fill this form with your contact information along with the pseudonym you will use. No story will be taken into account without an inscription. The texts must be submitted in a PDF format and signed with the pseudonym and then sent to before April 18. In the email, the subject has to be “Storytelling competition”. You can see the requirements in Catalan here. 

The contestants have a price (a notebook and a pleasure pack) even if they don’t win. And the winners, will also receive a book (depending on their category) and an isomeric vase. 

 The jury is formed by someone from the Foundation, someone from Cultura en Viu and another one from Dinamització Comunitaria. They will announce the winners through the FAS social media accounts on April 23.