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Wednesday, December 13 2017


CREAF Talks Seminar: Susana Bernal, Blanes Centre for Advanced Studies (CEAB-CSIC)

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The CREAF organises CREAF Talks, a series of seminars with international guest speakers from the ecology sector who explain their work on global research. Taking place every two weeks, the seminars are open to the public in general. Please sign up to attend.
The programme for this first trimester, from 5 October to 13 December, is the following:

5 October

Mirco Migliavacca, of the Department of Biogeochemical Integration at the Max Plank Institute for Biogeochemistry.

"Combining proximal sensing and flux measurements to detect physiological and structural response of vegetation in manipulation experiments".
25 October

Colin Osborne, Sheffield University

"C4 photosynthesis: from leaf evolution to global ecology"
8 November

Sara Hortal, Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment, University of Western Sydney

"Fungal competition and partner choice in the ectomycorrhizal symbiosis"
22 November

Carles Pedrós-Alió, Centro Nacional de Biotecnología, CSIC. Espanya

"Bacteria and Climate Change"
29 November

Roderick Dewar, Australian National University

"Macroecological patterns, chance and necessity"
13 December

Susana Bernal, CEAB-CSIC and associate lecturer of the Department of Evolutionary Biology, Ecology and  Environmental Sciences at the Universitat de Barcelona (BEECA-UB).

"Biogeochemical reactors within Mediterranean headwater catchments"
The conference programme is an initiative by the seminar's organisational committee, made up of Anna Àvila, coodinator, and Jordi Martínez-Vilalta (CREAF and UAB), Josep Peñuelas (CSIC and CREAF), Maurizio Mencuccini (University of Edhinburg and CREAF), Iñigo Granzow (CREAF and UAB), Josep Maria Espelta (CREAF) and Paco Lloret (CREAF and UAB).
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Place: Faculty of Sciences (Sala de graus)

Date: Wednesday 13, December2017 - 15:00h

Organiser: CREAF