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Five hundred years since the first journey around the world

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Event details

The Friends of the UAB Assocation (AmicsUAB) will be organising a conference on 28 September at 7 p.m. entitled "500 Years Since the First Journey Around the World". The conference will take place at the Mestre Martí Tauler Library in Rubí and will be moderated by the library's director Adrià Martín. The conference itself will be given by Bernat Hernández, lecturer in the history of colonial America from the UAB Department of Moidern and Early Modern History and researcher at the UAB's Centre for the Study of Colonial America.

On 10 August 1519, an expedition of five ships and 239 men set sail from the port of Seville in an effort to find a route to the East Indies and the Spice Islands in Indonesia, by navigating westwards. The Victoria, the last of the five ships, returned to Seville on 8 September 1522, more than three years after departing. On board were only 18 famished and ill men, but they had completed a historical feat: the first (and unexpected) circumnavigation of the globe.

Those interested in attending may sign up at the AmicsUAB's website.