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Activity on the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb

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Event details

The UAB's Institute for Ancient Middle Eastern Studies (IEPOA) organises several activities to commemorate important achievements that marked a before and after in Egyptology and human sciences in general.

One of these activities is the conference that was supposed to be held by José Lull, associate professor of Egyptology at the UAB, but it had to be modified for unforeseen reasons. The activity continues, it will begin with a short presentation by professor Marc Orriols, associate professor of Egyptology at the UAB and will give way to the performance of the musical group Neteru Ensemble.

The organisation of the event includes the collaboration of the Department of Antiquity and Middle Age Studies, the Office of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Humanities, the Office of the Vice Rector of Communication and Culture, and the Humanities Library.