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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Conference on a "Virtual Reality Community"

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Event details

The UAB Open Labs organises this conference, which responds to the desire of different researchers to incorporate virtual reality as a tool for transfer, research and teaching innovation. This initiative was born with the aim of creating a group or collective in which to share technological resources and also knowledge, doubts, concerns and experiences around this tool. To form part of this group it is not necessary to have knowledge or experience in virtual reality.

La jornada compatrà amb una mostra d’experiències en realitat virtual dins la UAB, la presentacions dels assistents, un breu anàlisi de la situació actual i les perspectives de futur, una presentació de recursos actuals de realitat virtual dins el campus i un debat sobre la governança de la comunitat de realitat virtual.

The day will include a showcase of virtual reality experiences at the UAB, a presentation of the attendees, a brief analysis of the current situation and future prospects, a presentation of current virtual reality resources on campus, and a discussion on the governance of the virtual reality community.

To attend please sign up here.