Tuesday, July 9 2019

Dia · Setmana


"Anàlisi de les osbstruents en xinès i en espanyol com a L3. Estudi acústic i perceptiu per a la categorització d'errors", by Zhao Liu

Defense of doctoral dissertation - Boardroom B7/025 - Faculty of Arts and Humanities


"Estrategias de mejora en la eficacia del tratamiento endovascular en el ictus isquémico agudo", by Sandra Boned Riera

Defense of doctoral dissertation - Auditorium - Ground 0 Vall d'Hebron Hospital

Wednesday, July 10, 2019


"A versatile framework for the statistical characterization of CMOS time-zero and time-dependent variability with array-based ICs", by Javier Díaz Fortuny

Defense of doctoral dissertation - Graduation Hall - School of Engineering


"Americana na rebotica: comércio, redes epistolares e comunicação científica no gabinete Salvador", by Julianna Morcelli-Oliveros

Defense of doctoral dissertation - Room 1 and 2 - Institution "Milà i Fontanals" CSIC


"Development of bimodal waveguide interferometric sensors for environmental monitoring", by Blanca Chocarro Ruíz

Defense of doctoral dissertation - Seminars Hall - Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Thursday, July 11, 2019


"Spatial Adjustments of furniture industry. A comparison of Spain and Denmark (2006-2015)", by Yingxin Wang

Defense of doctoral dissertation - Acts Room - Faculty of Arts and Humanities