Graduation ceremonies

Promotion ceremonies at the Faculty of Sciences

The next graduation day for undergraduate students of the Faculty of Sciences will be on July 12, 2024 at 4 p.m. in the Arnau de Vilanova Room of the UAB Campus Hotel.

It is a farewell act and celebration of the promotions that are ready to finish their studies and all the pupils who started together are invited.

The Dean organises the event in conjunction with the Centre Administration, the Academic Management and the collaboration of the Student Board of our Centre.

In this course 2023-2024, students from the 2020-2023 undergraduate degrees promotion and 2019-2023 undergraduate double degrees promotion are invited and all those from previous promotions who have never been invited to the graduation act.

They will all receive an email to their institutional and personal address of invitation to the event with a link to the confirmation of attendance. 

At the end of the confirmation date, the confirmed student will receive an email with information about the time and place of the act, as well as the development of the act.

Registration at the event involves the authorization of the use of images by the Faculty of Sciences.

Students who have been invited and have confirmed their attendance may be accompanied inside the room by up to two people. These companions, who will also need to be identified, will have a code of access that will be activated when the graduate or graduate acts as a presence.

Students who consider that they have the requirements to attend the event and have not been invited should contact the Dean of the Faculty of Sciences by writing to or calling the phone 935811471.

If you cannot attend the graduation ceremony, but would still like to participate, you can do so by sending photos or a video (individual or in group, lasting no more than 10 seconds and recorded horizontally) greeting your fellow students and faculty members, or you can speak about your experiences during your studies. The video or photos will be projected during the ceremony when possible, and will be included in the audiovisual material of that day.