Graduation ceremonies

Graduation ceremonies at the Faculty of Sciences

As part of the celebrations for the day of Saint Albert, patron saint of the Faculty of Sciences, the faculty organises its institutional event to celebrate the graduation of students completing their studies the year before. It is therefore an event in which we bid farewell and celebrate the classes that have completed their studies.


The graduation ceremony is held to bid farewell to all those graduating from university. It is presided by the dean of the faculty, and includes the participation of a representative of the UAB's governing team, as well as a member of the Social Council, all of whom give speeches at the ceremony. During the event, two graduates also speak in representation of their graduation class. Following their speeches, the diplomas are handed out to the new graduates and the ceremony ends with a performance of the university's hymn. 

The office of the dean, alongside the centre's administrative staff and academic administration office, are the ones in charge of organising the graduation ceremony. 

All students who have completed their studies before the celebration of the ceremony will receive an e-mail inviting them to the ceremony, with information on date, time and place.

In order to confirm your attendance, you must follow the instructions in the e-mail that is sent to your personal e-mail address. Attending the graduation ceremony implies that you agree to the use of any images taken on that day by the Faculty of Sciences.

Yes. The exact number of guests per person will be determined by the seating capacity of the place and number of total graduates. Updated information will be sent to you via e-mail.

Graduates will be able to bring a maximum of two guests with them to the auditorium. When signing up to attend the ceremony, each graduate will also have to facilitate the name and surnames of their guests. An access code will be given to them on the day of the ceremony after the graduate has signed in.

In order to guarantee entrance to those signed up to attend the ceremony, all other guests will be able to follow the event online in an annexed room.

If you have completed your bachelor's degree, but have not received an invitation to the graduation ceremony, please contact the Dean's Office by sending an e-mail to: or by phone at 935811471.

If you cannot attend the graduation ceremony, but would still like to participate, you can do so by sending photos or a video (individual or in group, lasting no more than 10 seconds and recorded horizontally) greeting your fellow students and faculty members, or you can speak about your experiences during your studies. The video or photos will be projected during the ceremony when possible, and will be included in the audiovisual material of that day.