Administrative structure

Administrative structure

Estructura Administrativa

The Centre Administration is the basic administrative structure providing service to the development of official academic activities and basic research.

It is also responsible for the administration of university services, for the administrative and services staff, andfor  the management of funds in the area designated to it by the Executive Administrator.

The Centre Administrator may not have any academic or research duties.

Centre Administrator: Anna Barragán
Secretary: Olvido Espés
Telephone: 93 581 19 46/ 93 581 31 43
Fax: 93 581 20 03
E-mail address:

Academic Administration Office: Rafael Contreras
Telephone: 93 581 2852

Economic Management: Carmen Pérez
Telephone: 93 581 30 81

IT Support: Carmen Pechoabierto
Telephone: 93 581 20 30

Information Point (SLIPI): José Manuel Castellano
Telephone: 93 581 10 55

Quality Management: Mar Jorba
Telephone: 93 581 40 94
E-mail address:

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