Computer room

Computer Service

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What we offer

The Faculty of Ciències of Communication provides, inter alia, the following computerized spaces:
- 10 computerized classrooms with a total of
282 computers. The overall figure is 30 computers per classroom.
- 1
0 classrooms teaching a computer available for educational use.
- Five seminars have a computer for educational use.

All these spaces and facilities belong to the same subnet of the faculty. It offers the following resources:
- Computers with Windows operating system and basic programms general and specific educational needs of one's faculty.
Internet connection and UAB resources.

- Direct connection to internal servers faculty : space delivery practices, materials and teaching jobs.

Basic Overview of the classroom computers:
- Intel Core
i5 or i7 processors
- Operating System Windows
10 64-bit.
4G RAM, RAM 16G or RAM 32G.
500GB Hard Drive.
- 19'' TFT Screens or 22” panoramic.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 08.30 to 20.30 hours.
July: Monday to Friday from  08.30 to 19.30 hours.

Rules for use of the facilities

- You need to follow the safety regulations of the faculty.
- To access the computers need to identify with the NIU staff and key word (password email UAB).
- You should take the UAB student card (may be required by service personnel).
- You can not go to school with drink, food, etc.
- The minimum measures are requested to avoid inconvenience to other users.
- The material damage due to misuse will be treated in accordance with regulations approved by the faculty.