Dean's office


The Dean's Office comprises the Dean and the Academic Secretary; Vice-Deans; BA Coordinators, and Faculty Coordinators:

Dean: Albert Branchadell
Academic Secretary and Vide-Dean of Surveys of Grade and of Postgraduate Pilar Sánchez Gijón

Vide-Dean of Academic Ordination and of Quality: Anna Matamala
Vide-Dean of TFG, Practices and Professionalization: Miquel Edo
Vide-Dean of Students and Promotion: Anna Gil  

Coordinador of the grade of Surveys of Oriental Asia: Blai Guarné
Coordinator of the grade of Translation and Interpretation: Pilar Cid

Secretary of the deanship: Júlia Mateos

Working with the Dean’s Office there are also MA Coordinators; Internship Coordinators; Faculty Exchange Programs Coordinators, and the Language Level Testing Coordinator:

Coordinator for MA in Conference Interpreting: Marta Arumí.

Coordinator for MA in Translation and Intercultural Studies: Patricia Rodríguez-Inés
Coordinator for MA in Audiovisual Translation: Carme Mangiron
Coordinator for MA in Translation Technologies: 
Olga Torres Hostench
Coordinators for MA in Global Studies of East Asia: David Saurí and Blai Guarné

Coordinator for East Asian Studies Internships: Makiko Fukuda
Coordinator for Translation and Interpreting Internships: Miquel Edo
Faculty Exchange Programs Coordinator: Roland Pearson
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Coordinator for Language Level Testing: Montserrat Franquesa