About the centre

Access and maps

The School is located on the UAB campus, next to Hotel Campus.

Here you can check out all the different ways to access the campus. 

- Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya:
• Bellaterra (the nearest station): 5 minutes' walk (550 m.)
• Universitat Autònoma: 15 minutes' walk or 5 minutes on the campus bus (1 km.).
- Rodalies de Catalunya:• Cerdanyola-Universitat: 10 minutes on the campus bus or 30 minutes' walk (2.3 km.).

The UAB is on 12 bus routes that connect it with a large part of the region, and which are used by many members of the university community.

Here you can check out the routes and timetables. 

- FUABformació-Edifici Blanc (Vila Nord stop):
• Line 2 (red)
• Line 3 (green)
• Line 5 (purple)

Here you can check out the routes and timetables. 

Private Transport
The easiest way to get to the UAB by car or motorcycle is to use the motorway.

- Autopista AP-7, in the direction of Tarragona-Lleida if you are approaching from the north, or in the direction of Girona if you are coming from Barcelona. Universitat Autònoma exit.
- Autopista C-58. Barcelona-Sabadell-Terrassa. Universitat Autònoma exit.
Several other roads link the campus to the surrounding towns.

The Bellaterra Campus of the UAB has nearly 7000 parking places. For more information, click on this link.