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Teaching Excellence Award highlights "the involvement and commitment" of Carme Mangiron

01 Jun 2022
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Carme Mangiron, lecturer of the Department of Translation and Interpreting & East Asian Studies, was awarded the 4th UAB Teaching Excellence Award in an event that took place today at the Rectorat building as part of the 4th Teaching Innovation Sessions. Rector Javier Lafuente affirmed that the award recognises "the involvement and commitment of Dr Mangiron with her students".

Carme Mangiron

Dean Albert Branchadell, from the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, was the sponsor of the awardee. At the start of the event, he explained that from the moment he met Carme Mangiron, he "could tell that she would have a bright future", and he praised her numerous qualities, of which he highlighted her dedication and modesty. Dean Branchadell claimed that Carme Mangiron was no exception at the faculty, given that the centre included "a troop of excellent lecturers" in which he particularly emphasised their quality: "the teaching excellence in this faculty is based on the power of women".

Rector Lafuente highlighted that "the UAB is a leader in teaching quality and innovation", which allows the University to take on "ambitious projects such as the ECIU University", an international initiative based on innovative and multidisciplinary teaching methodologies. The rector gave thanks to the tasks conducted by the Teaching Innovation and Training Coordination of the Institute for Education and the Professional Training and Development Unit, and he congratulated the members for "the consolidation" of this teaching excellence award in recognition of the UAB's "most valuable active".

In her acceptance speech, Carme Mangiron offered a master class entitled "The Kitchen of Teaching", in which she detailed "the ingredients, the preparation and the tasting" of what she considered what a "healthy teaching" should be, where important roles are played by aspects such as self-criticism of lecturers and the relation with their students. The lecturer ended her class with a tribute to her students, of whom she assured that "they always teach me something".

The event included a performance of the UAB Chamber Choir and speeches by President of the Social Council Gabriel Masfurroll, and Vice Rector for Studies and Teaching Innovation María Valdés. Masfurroll pointed out the vocational character of teaching and spoke directly to Carme Mangiron when affirming: "When something is done truly out of vocation, it is done exceptionally well, and in your case this is true". Valdés declared that "this is the type of lecturers we want at the UAB, capable of connecting with our students".