Honorary doctorate awarded to cardiologist Jagat Narula

Dr Jagat Narula in the award ceremony

Professor Jagat Narula, world expert in cardiovascular diseases and the use of cardiovascular imaging technologies, was awarded an honorary doctorate after being nominated for the award by Professor Ignasi Carrió in an event celebrated at the UAB Casa Convalescència.


“An indisputable leader in cardiology” is how Ignasi Carrió described Professor Jagat Narula in his speech, in which he highlighted the scientific achievements of the UAB's newest honorary doctor. Professor Carrió spoke about the Dr Narula's important contributions to cardiovascular medicine, as well as his character as an "authentic translational scientist", and his preventive work in cardiovascular diseases around the world.

Professor Ignasi Carrió also highlighted the collaborations with Dr Narula at the UAB Department of Medicine, which date back to 1997 and have given way to several prestigious publications and also to a large support in the training and guidance of PhD students. He finished his speech with a mention of the human and professional qualities of Dr Narula and his "talent to engage others in research", which has created a sort of a "school which has produced researchers and collaborators around the world".

Dr Jagat Narula thanked the university for the title awarded and focused his speech on demonstrating how different lifestyles can determine the cardiovascular health of an individual. He described the results of various studies in which researchers analysed Egyptian mummies, members of the Tsimane tribe in the Bolivian Amazon rainforest, and individuals of modern societies from all over the world.

Dr Narula emphasised the relevance risk factors such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, smoking, diabetes, etc. have in the creation of ateriosclerosis plaques which cause severe coronary diseases such as heart attacks and sudden death, currently the number one cause of mortality around the world in both men and women. “A lifetime low cholesterol levels combined with low blood pressure, avoidance of diabetes and smoking, and intense physical activity should help eliminate the most dreaded scourge”, he explained, putting special emphasis on the need of stricter control of the "cholesterol epidemic to conquer the coronary artery disease epidemic”. Dr Narula concluded by saying that, "It is imperative that we pay attention to lifestyle and behavioral modification. We must lay the foundation for a healthier planet and leave a disease-free world for our grandchildren."

UAB Rector Margarita Arboix said it was a great honour to have Dr Narula form part of the university's faculty members for his "excellent scientific, academic and social activities", while she also pointed out his "commendable tasks" in the prevention and promotion of health and well-being among people, "an area in which our university focuses especially and to which it is greatly committed".

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