All actors involved in the laboratory waste system share the responsibility for achieving a correct management of these waste.

Responsibilities of the producer:
•    Generate the minimum amount of waste as possible needed to develop the teaching or experimental practices.
•    Condition the waste generated in specific containers.
•    Properly label the waste containers under used.
•    Fill in the necessary records and information required by the waste management system established in each waste generating unit.
•    Clean all tools and furniture after use, which may have been in contact with a dangerous agent, substance or mixture, in order to avoid generating dangerous wastes.

Responsibilities of laboratory, department or unit staff:
• Follow and guarantee the compliance of established rules.
•    Suport teaching and research staff and collaborate in waste management tasks.
• Control the production of waste and take care that the classification, packaging, labelling and temporary storage of waste are correct.
• Transfer the containers to the centralised waste store facility of the center when needed.
•    In centres without centralised waste store facility, the responsable will fill an especific form for the mensual collection of waste by the waste company.
•    Guarantee sufficient stock of empty containers.

Responsibilities of centralised waste storage facility responsible:
• Comply University procedures and regulations and ensure their compliance.
• Support their area/centre staff.
• Control the production of waste and their storage, and check that all waste stored are clearly and correctly identified (type of product and the producer).
• Thursday before each removal, notify the Sustainability Office by email of the amount and type of waste prepared for removal, using the specific form.
• Supervise the correct state of maintenance of the waste storage facility and notify the responsible administration of all deficiencies or damage that may be generated.
• Supervise the removal of waste from their area and send the the official documentation issued by the manager or transporter to the Sustainability Office.
• Disseminate the standards and the updated information to all personnel in their area of ​​responsibility.

Responsibilities of Sustainability Office responsible:
• Establish an annual withdrawal planning for each centre.
• Attend to queries from users, especially in everything that involves the management of laboratory waste.
• Consolidate all withdrawal requests from UAB centers and process them to the management companies before Friday at noon.
• Custody of the official documentation for waste management.
• Prepare and maintain a laboratory waste minimization plan.
• Elaborate and maintain the regulation of laboratory waste management.
• Inform and train the personnel involved in the management of laboratory waste.