Imatge d'una bateria de contenidors de recollida selectiva

A large amount and diversity of waste is generated daily at the UAB, derived from its daily activity. The aim of the University is to prevent the generation of waste as much as possible, avoiding and reducing its production, as well as guaranteeing a correct segregation, collection and treatment of the waste generated, prioritizing ways of reuse and valorization. The waste generated at the UAB is classified as: - Municipal waste: this is waste that is generated in indoor spaces (offices, offices, classrooms and common spaces and restaurants and shops) and common outdoor spaces. The UAB has implemented a selective collection system for the different fractions (paper, organic, glass, packaging and other). - Dangerous waste: Dangerous waste (chemical, biological or radioactive) generated in the UAB laboratories, which have a special storage and management system through an external manager. In addition, at the University we have a Recycling Centre for all municipal waste that do not have a selective collection system. La Deixalleria offers service to the entire university community.