Pere Menal Dr. Pere Menal i Brufal was born in Lleida in 1951. He earned an undergraduate degree in mathematics from the University of Barcelona in 1973. Upon graduating, he became a lecturer in the Department of Mathematics at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where he completed his doctoral thesis in 1977. He was named Professor of Algebra in 1981. A consummate self-taught learner, he initiated and supported research into noncommutative algebra at the UAB and at other institutions throughout Spain.

His scientific output includes close to forty research articles published in international journals, some of them co-authored with leading experts.

As a research director, he oversaw six doctoral theses. His students, most of whom work at the UAB, are now a consolidated research group in this field. He was regarded by ring theorists around the world as a scientist of great distinction.

With his sudden death in a traffic accident on 4th April 1991, we lost a great mathematician, a beloved colleague and a wonderful person.

Pere Menal Scholarship

In 1995, the Autonomous University of Barcelona created a scholarship in Dr. Menal’s memory. It has been awarded year after year to the top secondary-school student who decides to study mathematics at the UAB. The winner of this scholarship is exempted from paying enrolment fees for all subjects in the UAB mathematics degree and is awarded an annual stipend to purchase textbooks.

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