Rules for using the computer rooms

The computer rooms must always be open to all*, except when being used for IT classes or other classes that require the use of PCs.

* Standards subject to the COVID-19 protocol

Eating, drinking and smoking are not allowed, as in all other classrooms.

During classes, the teacher is responsible for the correct use of the room. Teachers should report any issues with equipment to the UAB IT Service (Centre d’Assistència i Suport). This can be done directly by pressing the M1 button on the telephone in the room.

The IT Service will assess, resolve and follow up any technical issues in the computer rooms.

PCs and Peripherals may not be moved without permission from the School's IT Service.

Support to learning Students
The School offers its students a limited number of printing jobs over the year, as a support to learning.

Students may use a USB pendrive provided they run an antivirus check at the start and the end of the session.

Responsibility for any virus infection or damage to the room or the PCs lies with the users. If they are using the facilities on their own initiative they are also responsible for the correct use of software and hardware: using the materials correctly, not using or installing illegal copies, etc.

CDs and pendrives must be provided by the users themselves. They are not available at the School.

These facilities must be used in accordance with these rules and the School's general regulations.