Payment, fees and financing

The fee per credit includes insurance and other fees. The following items are included in all enrolment fees:

  • Gestió Acadèmica (Academic Management) of the UAB (finance committee of the Board of Trustees): €160
  • Compulsory student insurance: €1.12
  • Complementary insurance for accidents and civil responsibility (approximately €9.72)

5% dto. Escola FUAB Formació Alumni and UAB Alumni

Two-year free membership fee of the Associació de Professionals de l'Arxivística i la Gestió de Documents de Catalunya for all students enrolled in the Master's degree.


Course 2023-2024

5% charge in second, third and successive enrolment.


The percentage stipulated in the decree of prices of the Generalitat de Catalunya is applied to the price of the credit.

May be made as follows:

 Enrollment simulator

1. In a single instalment. This entitles you to a 3% discount on the overall total for the credits enrolled on. Payment can be made by bank transfer or direct debit. To maintain the discount, it must be done within 10 days of enrolment.

2. In two instalments.

  • An initial payment of 60% of the total amount of the enrolment (payment can be made by bank transfer or direct debit in the 10 days after the registration).
  • A second payment of the remaining 40% in December. [1]

(*)The two terms will be in the same payment mode (bank transfer or direct debit).

3. More payments through bank financing (Bancsabadell): .

Now the UAB Foundation pays the interest on your tuition fees through the CrediCuenta Formación* from Sabadell Consumer (Banco Sabadell Group).

*CrediCuenta Formación is a line of credit for financing tuition fees at training centers.

This method of payment is only for people who works in Spain and have an spanish account.

Effective from 1 March 2023 to 29 February 2024:

  • 3 months interest free (no surcharge).
  • 4 months interest free (surcharge of 0,50%).
  • 5 months interest free (surcharge of 0,75%).
  • 6 months interest free (surcharge of 1,25%).
  • 8 months interest free (surcharge of 1,75%).
  • 9 months interest free (surcharge of 2,50%).

If the bank financing is denied, the center will facilitate the split payment with the same conditions of the bank, but only in the even that you can't access the conditions of the bank.

You can check out the conditions in the leaflet FINANCING YOUR UNIVERSITY STUDIES 

[1]If an invoice is returned the student must pay the fee for handling the non-payment and the interest charged by the financial institution on the unpaid amount (30 Euros' penalisation).


Pursuant to the UAB regulations on enrolment, non-payment of the enrolment fee within the set period leads to a state of default being declared on the student's record.

In all cases, it is essential to settle any outstanding invoices and corresponding costs as a condition for making any new enrolment and/or for requesting any academic service: certificates, transfers, etc.