Admission and pre-enrolment on the master's degree


Once the application is received, the student enters the selection process. The result of the application for admission is communicated by e-mail within a period of two to four weeks, in case of admission, the pre-enrollment fee to be paid will also be indicated.

IMPORTANT: This process can last from 2 to 4 weeks, hence do not contact Academic Management before this period ends.

  • Positive evaluation: the student will receive a pre-enrolment communication with instructions for place reservation via TPV (online payment gateway). Once payment is fulfilled, proof of payment must be sent to Academic Management. Upon reception, a final notice of admission will be issued to the student.
  •  Negative evaluation: the coordinator will send justification with the reason for the denial.
  • Waiting list: the pre-enrolment application will be placed on hold. The student will be contacted with details and instructions for solving irregularities together with the coordinator. These irregularities must be solved within a three-week period.

In case of admission to the master's degree, Academic Management will send you a notification with instructions on how to formalize the payment of pre-registration by virtual Point of Sale Terminal (POS). If the pre-registration is not completed, the center reserves the right to assign the place to another applicant.


CANCELLATION OF PRE-REGISTRATIONThe pre-registration fee will only be refunded in full in the case of cancellation of the Master's program, or when there has been an error attributable to the center. It will also be refunded in the case of non-EU students who have been denied a visa (as long as they present a supporting document).

Exceptionally, the return of pre-registration may be assessed before the start of the enrollment period, provided that the person concerned alleges personal and justified causes that do not allow them to follow the normal course.