Grants and programmes

Grants and programmes

Guide for scholarships and grants: The Guide for scholarships and grants is a basic collection of the scholarships and grants that you could apply for the degree studies of our center..
You may enrol provisionally as a grant-holder if you meet the following conditions.

1. The academic requirements  of the general call for applications made in the academic year of enrolment (automatically checked in the enrolment).
2. Holder of a grant in the previous academic year, of one of the following types:

a. General grant at the UAB.

b. General grant at another Catalan university.

c. Grant for upper secondary students at a school in Catalonia.

If you do not fulfil point 2, before enrolling you need to get the financial credential for university enrolment without previous payment of the official costs of academic services in the academic year of enrolment. Keep in mind that the formalities for obtaining this credential can take up to 10 days and that you need to apply for it on the website of the Agency for Administration of University and Research Grants (AGAUR).

If you have already enrolled normally and you submit the credential afterwards you will not be able to modify your enrolment as a grant-holder until your application has been approved. Therefore, it is important for you to apply for this credential  as soon as possible.
Please remember the following:

• To maintain your fee-payment rights as a grant-holder, it is necessary to apply for the general grant from the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.
• You have to apply for the financial credential on the website of the AGAUR.

Modifications to enrolment with a grant application 

Modifications made to enrolments that affect the number of credits and other validations of academic requirements established in the calls for applications may affect the resolutions on the latter and the chances of obtaining the different types of financial aid.

Therefore, if you apply for a grant, you should take into account the established academic conditions when asking for changes to be made to your enrolment.

General Ministry grants


• You may apply for general grants only on the website of the  Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport

• In Catalonia your application is handled by the AGAUR.

Closely follow the instructions for submitting the application: if the application is classified as unsubmitted the Ministry will not accept it, whatever the cause of the error. Verify and print out the receipt which confirms that you have submitted it correctly.

Be as careful as possible when adding your details and those of your family to the application, as they will be cross-checked with those held by the corresponding authorities.

• You can keep track of your application through the Oficina Virtual de Tràmits (OVT), which updates the information continuously.


• You must submit the documents required for the application directly to the AGAUR or to your faculty's Gestió Acadèmica (Academic Management), together with the application receipt.

• If you have previously studied at another university you must submit, in order to apply for a grant, the complete academic transcript of the studies that qualify you to join a master's degree programme.

Your DNI/NIE number must be exactly the same on the grant application as on your enrolment.


• All information on academic, financial and other requirements is available on the websites of the Ministry and the AGAUR.

• To resolve any issues when completing the Ministry's application form use the telephone numbers and email addresses provided on the Ministry's web page for recording applications.

• Once the Ministry or the AGAUR classify the grant as denied, payment of the enrolment fee is made, after  notice is given by the Gestió Acadèmica.

• Payment of the enrolment fee must be made even if an appeal is to be made against the decision.

• The fact of having enrolled provisionally as a grant-holder has no effect on the final resolution on your grant application, which depends on compliance with the requirements of the current call for applications.

Grants specific to the centre

Grants for collaboration with FUAB promotion activities (February to July)

FUAB collaboration grants are for students currently enrolled on the Bachelor's Degree (students who are in their second, third or fourth year), and have successfully completed a minimum of 60 credits.

In return for the grant, these students perform tasks to support various FUABformació activities (Open Days, Saló de l'Ensenyament fair, Workshop, etc.). These tasks include promotion, logistics and information and customer support.

Successful applicants are chosen by a panel designated and chaired by the Director of Teaching Services of the FUAB, and consisting of the school heads of studies, the head of administration, the degree coordinators and the head of the Jobs Bank and Placements Unit.