1. Compulsory

2. Complementary
The university also offers complementary insurance cover for accidents and travel assistance, addressed to all students enrolled at the UAB. FUAB Formació includes this insurance at the time of enrolment.

The period of insurance cover is the academic year under way when the insurance is taken out. The cover is worldwide in scope, 24 hours a day, for both study- and non-study-related activities, including holidays and in-company work placements, both on and off campus. 

Provisions- In case of accident, the complementary mobility insurance covers the following.

- Death (€23,000)
- Complete permanent invalidity (€41,000)
- Medical costs at recommended centres (unlimited)
- Medical costs at other centres (up to €5000)

What to do in the event of an accident.

If you go to a centre covered by the policy, take the following documents.

  • Accident report form, attaching a copy of the first page of the policy.
If you go to a centre that is not covered by the policy, take the following documents.
  • Emergency referral note
  • Report from the doctor together with invoices.
For more information see the following documents:
- Healthcare centres associated with the insurance 
- Accident report form