Application for certificates

Applications for certificates

To request a certificate for your studies, please contact the school's Gestió Acadèmica (Academic Management Offices). You can do this in person, by ordinary mail or by email.
The certificate may be for any of the following:
a) Personal academic certificate.
b) Transfer of academic transcript.
c) Certificate for exchange programmes.
d) Other.


Application form
• Document confirming payment

The following details must be included on your application form.

• Full name.
• National identity card number or passport number.
• E-mail address.
• UAB faculty or centre where you took the course.
• Type of certificate you are applying for.
• Preferred language for your certificate (Catalan or Spanish).
• Date and signature.


Fees are applicable to those not currently enrolled on courses. The fee is set by the centre each academic year 

Without cost to students currently enrolled on courses


1. At Reception/Gestió Acadèmica with:

  • debit card, or credit card. Payment is made immediately on submitting the application.
  • Cash payment at Reception/Gestió Acadèmica Payment is made immediately on submitting the application.

2. Payment into TPV VIRTUAL

3.  Payment into the bank account supplied by Reception/Gestió Acadèmica. The original payment slip must be attached to the application.

Other information:

• Language: Certificates can be issued only in Catalan or Spanish Electronic personal academic certificates are issued in three languages: Catalan, Spanish and English.

• Certificate format: The details from student records are certified only according to the UAB's standard model for personal academic certificates. It is not possible to issue certificates for parts of the study programme.

• Data: Only information found in the centre's archives is included on certificates. 

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