Estudiants internacionals: batxillerat no UE

Validated qualifications for university entrance for non-EU citizens

If you are not an EU citizen you must first validate qualifications that give access to university for a Spanish secondary school diploma. This must be done at the Ministry for Education.

Ministerio de Educación
(Subdirección General de Títulos, Convalidaciones y Homologaciones).
P. del Prado, 28. 28014 Madrid.
Tel. +34 91 506 56 00  -  +34 902 21 85 00

or at the Barcelona office:

Área de Alta Inspección en Educación
C. Bergara, 12.
08002 Barcelona.
Tel. +34 93 520 96 03

Please bear in mind that once you have validated your qualifications and received the Spanish diploma, it will be the only diploma valid for your further studies in Spain. You will also need to pass the university entrance exams (Pruebas de Acceso a la Universidad - PAU) organised by the Spanish National University for Distance Education (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia) which all students in Spain must pass to be admitted into university. Main offices:

E-mail address: 
Atención telefónica (De lunes a viernes de 9 a 14 h, zona horaria UTC+01:00).
+34 91 398 6614 / +34 91 398 6616
+34 91 398 8984 / +34 91 398 6612 

 or at the Barcelona office:

Travessera de the Corts, 159
08028 - Barcelona
Tel. +34 902 27 25 23
E-mail address:

C. Colom, 114
08222 - Terrassa
Tel. +34 902 27 25 23
E-mail address:


E-mail address:
91 398 66 12

You can also register to take the PAU exams through the Spanish Embassy or Consulates.
Once your documents are valid in Spain and you pass the PAU exams, you can pre-register for the studies you wish to enrol in at the University Access Office (Oficina d?Orientació per a l?Accés a la Universitat).

More information on validations on the Ministerio website.

More information on PAU exams:

Entrance mark
The formula to calculate the entrance mark applies to all students with a validated secondary school diploma.
In order to calculate the equivalency of your mark, you must submit your academic certificate, accompanied by a legal translation. If you cannot submit an academic certificate, your average mark will count as a 5.

Exam periods
Two exam periods are offered each year: an ordinary sitting and an extraordinary or free turn sitting. You are allowed to sit the exam as many times as you wish until you pass the exams.
Once you have passed the exams, you will be allowed to resit them if you are interested in improving your results. The highest score obtained is the one that will be taken into account for academic purposes.
You can enrol for the PAU exams at