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UAB-specific master's degrees and Graduate diplomas offered at the Faculty of Biosciences

The purpose of a UAB-specific master's degree is to offer a more flexible and diversified training needed for professional and academic specialisation or for those interested in updating their knowledge in a specific field. It is worth highlighting that university-specific master's degrees lead to a diploma issued by the university in which they are offered, but fully comply with the regulations governing graduate and continuous learning programmes. Therefore, diploma validity will depend upon the prestige of the university itself.

 With regard to the UAB, given that it is a public university the assessment processes applied are similar to those used in official master'sdegree programmes. The duration of a university-specific master's degree is normally of one year. More information on graduate programmes can be obtained at the UAB Graduate website.

Faculty of Biosciences offered two UAB-specific master's degrees


More information can be found in the UAB website on Master's and Graduate Diplomas in Sciences and Environmental Science.