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Mycobacterium in olive oil for cancer treatment

Researchers from the UAB and the IBEC have revealed a way to effectively deliver a mycobacterium (M. brumae) needed for the treatment of bladder cancer in humans. The method, based on an emulsion using olive oil and tested on mice, was recently published in the journal Scientific Reports.


Conference on the History of Human Sciences at the UAB

From 27 June to 1 July, 180 experts in history of science will meet at the UAB for the CHEIRON conference, organised by the Centre for the History of Science (CEHIC). Participants will touch upon issues related to the history of social sciences, the humanities and behaviour.


TVE: Excavacions de l'equip del professor Miquel Molist al Kurdistan iraquią

Iraqi Kurdistan site reveals evolution of the first cities of Mesopotamia

The latest discoveries on the first farming societies of Upper Mesopotamia, in Iraqi's Kurdistan region, were recently presented. The area had been closed off since the 1990s to archaeological research and the UAB is the only research team from Spain working at the site.


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