Pioneering Technology Could Transform Treatment Plants into Biorefineries

A pilot treatment plant developed by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Aigües de Manresa S.A. Empresa Municipal generates added value products while simultaneously treating wastewater. The technology used improves the treatment process and at the same time extracts the phosphorus and materials used to manufacture bioplastics. Read more

The UAB presents a virtual tour of its campus

The interlacing of more than 1,000 360º images allows users to view eight kilometres of a virtual tour around the faculties, green areas, public transport, services and artistic heritage of the university. Read more

New digs begin at La Draga

During the next two months, archaeologists will extract some 150 wooden pillars from the cabins and other constructions belonging to the Neolithic settlement. This year's dig, co-led by the UAB, will include the participation of 50 people, including undergraduate archaeology students. Several dissemination activities will also be organised. Read more

Cognitive-related neural pattern to activate machines

A study conducted by the universities Pablo de Olavide and the UAB has identified a functional brain pattern linked to cognitive behavior able to activate an iPad’s touchscreen. Results may be useful in brain-machine interfaces, for people with physical difficulties to communicate. Read more

Oil palm plantations produce infertility in tropical lands

Oil palm plantations are replacing 40% of tropical forests and 32% of basic grain crops, according to an Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (ICTA-UAB) research conducted in Guatemala. It is estimated that 25 years are needed to make the ground fertile again after an oil palm plantation. Read more

385 students to participate in Campus Ítaca 2017

The socio-educational programme Campus Ítaca will take plane at the UAB Bellaterra Campus during the months of June and July. The aim of the programme is to give more opportunities to adolescents from unfavourable economic backgrounds and good grades to encourage them to continue with their studies. Read more

Constituciů del Pacte Nacional per a la Universitat

National University Pact signed

On 19 June the Government of Catalunya, the university community, social and economic agents and parliamentary groups signed an agreement to debate and reach a consensus on the future model of Catalonia's universities.

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