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Seminar: “Forces of reproduction” by Prof. Stefania Barca

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Detalls de l'event

Prof Stefania Barca, from University of Uppsala, will give a virtual seminar on her new book "Forces of reproduction" (2020). She will present her book and the participants will comment and discuss it. The activity is organised in the framework of the EnvJustice Project.


EnvJustice Project Seminar

Title: “Forces of reproduction”


Speaker: Prof. Stefania Barca, University of Uppsala

Date: Wednesday, February 17th 2021
Time: 15-17h (CET)
Venue: Online. Link


Notes on the book "Forces of Reproduction"(2020)
The concept of Anthropocene has been incorporated within a hegemonic narrative that represents 'Man' as the dominant geological force of our epoch, emphasizing the destruction and salvation power of industrial technologies. This Element develops a counter-hegemonic narrative based on the perspective of earthcare labour – or the 'forces of reproduction'. It brings to the fore the historical agency of reproductive and subsistence workers as those subjects that, through both daily practices and organized political action, take care of the biophysical conditions for human reproduction, thus keeping the world alive. Adopting a narrative justice approach, and placing feminist political ecology right at the core of its critique of the Anthropocene storyline, this Element offers a novel and timely contribution to the environmental humanities.

Notes on the Author
Stefania Barca (Naples 1968) is the current "Zennström visiting professor" in Climate Change Leadership at the University of Uppsala (SE); she has been recently awarded a "Beatriz Galindo" senior position as Distinguished Researcher at the University of Santiago de Compostela (ES), where she will move in september 2021. Previously, she has worked as senior researcher at the Center for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra (CES/UC), where she has lectured and coordinated research in Environmental History and Political Ecology. Her 2010 book monograph Enclosing Water. Nature and Political Economy in a Mediterranean Valley (Cambridge, UK: White Horse Press ), was awarded the Turku Book Prize in 2011. Her research interests cover the environmental impact of industry in the Anthropocene, the relationship between labor and the environment, environmental justice, degrowth and commoning. 


Seminar Stefania Barca