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OCEAN SEMINAR SERIES: "Networked Pathways to Ocean Sustainability", by Dr. Leopoldo Cavaleri Gerhardinger

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We are glad to inform that Dr. Leopoldo Cavaleri Gerhardinger, Postdoctorate Investigator at ICTA-UAB (ERC Tradition) will be giving a seminar in the framework of the Ocean Seminar Series. These events are part of the Societal Challenge Oceans of María de Maeztu Unit of Excellence (MdM). The seminar can also be followed online through Zoom.


Title: “Networked Pathways to Ocean Sustainability”

Speaker: Leopoldo Cavaleri Gerhardinger, Postdoctorate Investigator at ICTA-UAB (ERC Tradition)

Date: Friday, May 27th 2022
Venue: Room Z/033 and online Zoom 
https://us06web.zoom.us/j/89434122176? pwd=NFEveFZTZmJvb3hsRDJ4OTJ2aitVQT09 

Alongside the implementation of UN’s Ocean Decade (2021-2030), different shades of ‘blue’ concepts and applications are advocated for by the ocean community at-large, in order to steer ocean science, education, communication, and policy-making in the multi-level road to sustainability, i.e. blue economy, blue growth, blue justice, blue foods, blue planning etc. Ocean sustainability science is challenged to advance empirical and theoretical insights on the role of knowledge coproduction, networking, communication and learning in the transformation of coastal-marine governance systems towards integrated and ecosystem-based regimes. This contribution to the ‘Ocean seminar series’ will provide an overview of such ‘blue’ research and policy agendas and how they play out in subnational, national and international leves as informed by recent inter- and transdisciplinary studies in Brazil. We will reflect about the potential challenges and opportunities for building appropriate levels of historical social and ecological baselines amongst ocean citizens. We’ll provide examples of and argue that a networked knowledge-to-action approach is well suited to steer social-ecological systems towards more environmentally sustainable and socially equitable economic development pathways.

Gerhardinger has recently joined ICTA’s ERC Tradition project as a Postdoctoral researcher to undertake participatory research on small-scale fisheries and ocean governance - aiming at linking historical records in support of modern policy-making in Brazil. He is a concerned scientist working on ecology and ethnoecology, institutional entrepreneurship, socioenvironmental educommunication and socio-ecological analyses with a focus on the transformation of ocean governance systems. Beyond academia, Gerhardinger is also actively involved in building marine networks from local to global levels, and to that effect he applies transdisciplinary methods to foster new types of voluntary engagement for improved governability & healthier oceans. Gerhardinger holds a Bsc in Oceanography (University of Itajaí Valey - Brazil), a Msc in Conservation (University College London) and an interdisciplinary PhD in Environment and Society (University of Campinas, Brazil).

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