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MdM Keynote Speaker Series 2023: "Economy vs Nature: An Unsolvable Conflict? Empirical Evidence Framed within the 'Doughnut Economics' approach"

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We are pleased to announce that Tommaso Luzzati, professor of the Dipartimento di Economia e Management, Università di Pisa, Italia, will be giving a keynote on "Economy vs Nature: An Unsolvable Conflict? Empirical Evidence Framed within the 'Doughnut Economics' approach". You can also follow the seminar online by using the zoom link below. 


MdM Keynote Speaker Series 2023

Title: "Economy vs Nature: An Unsolvable Conflict? Empirical Evidence Framed within the 'Doughnut Economics' approach"

Speaker: Prof. Tommaso Luzzati, Dipartimento di Economia e Management, Università di Pisa, Italia

Date: Monday, 18th of September 2023
Time: 12h
Location: room Z/022-Z/023 and online https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83199733994?pwd=bEtUNDJIWTNsNVJWZENRTTFwdDd3Zz09


From an abstract viewpoint, it is easy to understand that social and economic systems are embedded in and depend on natural systems. However, the different time scales at which the three systems operate make it difficult to see the hierarchical interdependencies in practice. This difficulty has contributed to the development of an economic system that is self-defeating in the long run, as it destroys the basis on which it rests.

Rather recently, the "doughnut economics" approach has been developed to operationalize the need to respect environmental limits and attain decent levels of human needs satisfaction. This talk will first highlight that the way sustainable development is understood betrays the original definition of the Brundtland report, then introduce the "doughnut economics," and finally present the results of recent research conducted with a colleague of mine, showing that, even when adopting very loose criteria, no country "lives within the doughnut."

Tommaso Luzzati is associate Professor of economics at the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Pisa. He served as a director and/or vice director of the degrees in Regional and Environmental Economics (B.A), Peace Studies (B.A), Regional sustainable development and management (M.Sc.). His research is mainly centered on the relationship between (un)economic growth, environmental degradation and human well-being, from an ecological economics perspective. He is an editor of Ecological Economics, and board member of the European Society for Ecological Economics. He served as a member of the IPBES (Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services) contributing, as a leading author, to the Unit Regional Assessment for Europe and Central Asia. Expert for the European commission on the project H2020 Social Multi-Criteria Evaluation for ex-ante Impact Assessment (2019-21). In June 2022, he acted as the chair of the LOC of the international conference XIV biennal meeting of the Society for Ecological Economics, https://esee2022pisa.ec.unipi.it/ in which more than 500 delegates participated.