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Precise portable rescue device for fast avalanche victim localization

IP Status: PCT/EP2014/069985 - EP Priority date : 19/09/2013

Description: Portable rescue device and localization method for locating avalanche victims. It exploits the spatial diversity provided by an array of magnetic vector sensors to improve precision and reduce the time taken for locating the victim.

Department: Signal Processing for Communications and Navigation group

Contact: Carlos Raga

Metamaterial UHF-RFID Near-fild Antenna for Retail Aplications

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 IP Status: PCT/EP2014/064806 - Priority patent application EP13382287.4 10/07/2013

Description: An electric near-field antenna based on metamaterial structures, compatible with far-field tags, has been developed in order to provide a solution to this limitation. The use of this device at POS allows for a fast checkout and fast inventory process, being all items tagged uniquely with one far-field UHF-RFID tag.

Department: CIMITEC

ContactCarlos Raga  

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Long Read-Range UHF-RFID Tags for Optical Discs (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray) 

 IP Status: PCT/EP2014/062968 - Priority date: 20.06.2013

Description: A new solution for the design of global band UHF-RFID tags to be mounted on optical discs, with read ranges between 3 and 5 m, has been developed. Hence, the main limitation of state-of-the-art tags for optical discs (the short read range) is solved with the present invention.

Department: CIMITEC

ContactCarlos Raga