Policing by soft skills: Training in relational craftsmanship (KA220-POL-RECRAFT)

The School participates, together with the Guardia Urbana de Barcelona and other European universities and police forces, in the  Erasmus+ international research project Policing by soft skills: Training in relational craftsmanship (KA220-POL-RECRAFT), funded by the European Commission .

The main objectives of this research are:

  • Improve the relational skills (softskills) of police officers, in order to strengthen the necessary skills in their interaction with the public and the different communities.
  • Generate a training framework capable of providing our police officers with the tools and skills necessary to deal with diverse societies.
  • Develop relevant and high-quality training in relational and digital skills and competences.
  • Detect the gaps in the skills experienced and adapt them to the existing educational tools
  • Test different training modules with community police officers in each city.

The project will end in 2024, disseminating the results in academies and police units across Europe. The promotion of the conclusions, led by the EPSI, will be carried out through several channels, highlighting a web page to publicize the training manual prepared by the research centers and police forces involved.