This year join our Social Actions!

The FAS volunteer programmes resume their activities after the summer holidays and call out to students who are interested in forming an active part of the university by participating in social actions: with prisons, schools, refugees, hospital patients, and the environment and health issues.


Volunteering is a way of contributing to social justice; of participating in university awareness-raising actions and campaigns; of putting into practice the knowledge acquired in class and assimilating new skills; an experience which brings students into contact with the surrounding reality and provides personal enrichment, while meeting new people and having fun.

The FAS offers the university community the possibility to work with social actions by participating in volunteering programmes with prisons, schools, refugees, hospital patients, and the environment and health issues.

Choose your volunteer programme

With the start of a new academic year, members of the university community have the chance to participate in three volunteering programmes. The programmes focus on the environmenthealth and refugees. The CROMA 2.0 programmes related to justice, social-health and social-education will be reactivated in the near future. 

The refugee programme offers support to the social inclusion and accompaniment of individuals living on campus who request international protection. This is done through mentorships with the aim of helping refugees discover their immediate environment and recieve support and guidance through the creation of a trusting relationship. It also works on awareness-raising actions to disseminate information on the profound causes behind displacements and in defense of the rights of those seeking refuge.

The environmental programme contributes to the construction of a more responsible university which is in constant contact with its surroundings, through the promotion of environmental education on campus, contact with the biodiversity on campus and in the vecinities of the university, and other activities related with sustainability.

In the case of the health programme, students will be trained as health agents on campus capable of promoting healthy habits and consumption and health sexual and emotional relationsships, by participating in campaigns and actions on campus and in social networks.

Each programme has a different format, timetable and locations. All those interested can choose their programme according to their interests and availability. Volunteers will receive training and official recognition of their participation (possible acadmeic credits).

To sign up as a volunteer please fill out  this information request form or send an e-mail to:

And what is YOUR social action?