Patrimoni socioambiental del Campus

Patrimoni Socioambiental del campus de la UAB

The book El patrimoni socioambiental del campus de l'Autònoma arises from the will to show / present / introduce and place to value/appreciate the biodiversity of the UAB campus. With an informative orientation, is settled in three big units (grey world, green world and blue world) to describe the habitats of the campus, the living organisms and some aspects regarding their relationship with the environment.
The project funded by the UAB itself, carried out from September 2003 from September 2004. As an example of interdisciplinary studies, the project counted with the collaboration of teachers and technical staff of the UAB and external people who oversee and provide his prespective on the document. Around 16 people participated, altogether.
The coordination of the book was in charge of Martí Boada and Roser Maneja, from the Institut de Ciència i Tecnologia Ambientals de la UAB.
The book is available in catalan and in english. It can be consulted in several libraries of the UAB.