Mobility and transport

Mobility Habits Survey

Since 2001 the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona has periodically carried out the University Community Mobility Habits Survey (EHMCU). During the ten years that we have been sending out the survey we have had the collaboration of the UAB Mobility Planning and Management Unit and the Mobility, Transport and Territory Research Group (GEMOTT) of the Department of Geography.

The UAB is a pioneer in the study, reflection and management of mobility habits among the university community, and the survey forms the EHbasis for the planning, monitoring and evaluation of the mobility management. From the start the EHMCU has provided information about the mobility habits and profiles of the university community and the different groups which make it up., and it has been the basis for designing tools for consensus and action in UAB policy for mobility and accessibility.

In turn this information is also very useful for the different transport operators in their daily operations for planning services and in the negotiation of that planning with the UAB.


Carrying out the EHMCU means working with different bodies within the UAB itself: the UAB Management and Planning Unit, the GEMOTT and the Office for Information and Documentation Management (OGID) to capitalise on their knowledge, make efficient use of resources and involve the university community in applied management research.

By carrying out the field work online apart from saving resources and time, we are simplifying and improving the process each time we send out the survey as well as ensuring that we reach the entire university community.