From February 11, schedules of the 753 Manresa-UAB line will be extended
img_noticia_milloresbus_753 12.02.2019  -  LEE 2 - Enhancement of collective public transport (UAB Mobility Plan, 2018-24)

From Monday, February 11, the bus service 753 Manresa-UAB will be modified.

This modification is based on an increase in the number of shipments of the line.

Objectives of these modifications are:

  • To improve the connectivity of Manresa and the UAB by making the minimum necessary adjustments in the current schedules.
  • To make the 753 line a more attractive and competitive public transport alternative to other means of transport such as the private motorized vehicle.
  • To optimize the general service of the line.
So far, the line caried out 3 expeditions a day, direction Manresa-UAB, and 2 expeditions direction to UAB-Manresa.

From February 11 (included), the line will carry out 6 expeditions (Manresa-UAB) and 3 (UAB-Manresa). 

The line will continue the same route through the interior of the Campus:

  • FGC-Eix Central
  • CC.Educació-FTI
  • Lletres i Psicologia
  • Ciències i Biociències

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