University Master's Degree in Modelling for Science and Engineering

Provide you with the mathematical and computational skills needed to analyse processes by constructing problem-solving models in meteorology, data analysis, biomedicine, neuroscience, etc.

Quality Official Master's Degree in Modelling for Science and Engineering

The process management system of the faculties of the UAB reflects our commitment to offer quality degrees that include a quality policy in its operation as well as measures to ensure its continuous evaluation and improvement, according to the European quality standards. All these elements form the Internal Quality Assurance System (SGIQ).

This system covers:
  • the definition and monitoring of the teaching quality policy and objectives of the faculty, in accordance with the UAB institutional strategic lines
  • the definition and the update of the university degree framework
  • the processes directly linked to teaching development (tutoring, evaluation, external practices, mobility, etc.)
  • the processes of evaluation and satisfaction of the different groups
  • the processes most linked to people and necessary resources (teaching staff, administration and services staff, infrastructure and services, syllabus, academic organization, etc.)
  • and the processes linked to the life cycle of the degrees: verification (pre-implantation assessment), monitoring (periodic monitoring), modification (application of continuous improvement) and accreditation (evaluation of the implantation and renewal of the authorization to continue offering the degree), that gives answer to the need to have, update and improve the university degree framework.


Pre-implantation assessment of the degree.

Periodic monitoring of the degree.

Evaluation and renewal of the degree.

On May 25, 2021 the Faculty of Sciences obtained the institutional accreditation (Resolució Ministeri).

Acreditation prior to insitutional accreditation:

Internal Quality Assurance System
Set of processes that allow the management and monitoring of the degrees with the strategic goal of asure their continuous improvements.

Tutorial Action Plan PAT

Comprehensive programme designed to provide support and accompaniment to students. 

The Tutorial Action Plan for students with specific educational needs (PATnee). The aim of the Plan is to guarantee that all students can follow their studies under equal conditions.

Opina UAB
Open channel for participation that allows users to provide opinions, complaints and positive feedback on the performance of the UAB.

UAB's mobility & exchange programmes