Official master's degree in Teaching Chinese to Spanish Speakers

The only official master's degree in Spain devoted entirely to Chinese teaching, with a markedly profession-oriented approach.

  • Official UAB
  • Credits: 60 ECTS
  • Course begins on 23/09/2020
    Course ends on 16/07/2021
  • Beginning of the pre-enrolment period 10/01/2020
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  • Places: 20 places
  • Price:
    Non-EU citizens: 112€/ credit, including taxes and the scholar insurance
    EU citizens: 82€/ credit, including taxes and the scholar insurance
    5% disc. Alumni FUABformació (applicable only on the first enrolment of the whole course)
    10% disc. Alumni Premium (applicable only on the first enrolment of the whole course)
  • Language: Spanish (70%) and Chinese (30%)
  • Mode: Classroom-based learning
  • Teaching centre: Escola Fundació Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona-Formació

This master's degree will not be taught during the academic year 2020-21.

Pre-registration for the academic year 2021-22 starts in January 2021.

Official master's degree in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, which gives access to Chinese-teaching positions in China and abroad. Markedly profession-oriented, this programme combines advanced language-teaching content with a highly practical component. It also trains its students to conduct research in language teaching and multiculturalism.

One of the programme's striking features is the mandatory teaching placement module, with pupils of varying profiles. These placements are held in major Chinese-teaching schools in the Barcelona area, such as the Barcelona-Drassanes Official School of Languages and the Barcelona Confucius Institute Foundation. 

The programme's profession-oriented training is complemented by a research methodology component, which leads into doctoral studies for those wishing to continue studying.


巴塞罗那自治大学国际汉语教育官方硕士旨在培养适应西语国家学生需求, 可直接进入国内国际劳务市场的对外汉语教育人才。课程内容紧密结合国际前沿教学知识与实践,毕业后学生也将有能力从事并完成对外汉语教学及多文化研究等范畴内的学术研究工作。




Career options

This master's degree trains its students to be teachers of Chinese to Spanish speakers of varying profiles. 

It offers sound training in both the Chinese language and in language teaching, plus a mandatory placement module in major Barcelona-area schools, so that its students can go on to work as teachers of Chinese to all kinds of learners in the different contexts where this language is taught nowadays.


Work placements

Specific grants for this master's degree

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Coordinator university:

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Collaborating institutions:

- Barcelona Confucius Institute Foundation

- Barcelona-Drassanes Official School of Languages


AQU Catalunya quality seal of the Official Master's Degree in Teaching Chinese to Spanish Speakers