University Master's Degree in Teaching Chinese to Spanish Speakers

The only university master's degree in Spain devoted entirely to Chinese teaching, with a markedly profession-oriented approach.

Content Official Master's Degree in Teaching Chinese to Spanish Speakers

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Master description

The focus of this Master's degree is primarily to train for professional practice and the contents are aimed towards teacher training for the Chinese language to Spanish speaking students. . Theoretical modules are complemented by practice modules in which the theory of Chinese language and culture and its teaching is tested. We also consider it important to offer students the basic tools for carrying out research in this area, and in particular the angle of research-action, and to get a deeper understanding of the questions deriving from teaching practice from an academic perspective. In summary, the programme offers:
  • The necessary theoretical bases for language teaching and learning.
  • Solid knowledge of Chinese language and culture and its teaching, with the latest trends in this field.
  • Knowledge of the difficulties presented by the Chinese language, specifically for Spanish speakers. Students of the Master's degree will be competent in both Chinese and Spanish and will be able to apply contrastive knowledge between the two languages for teaching purpose.
  • Practical methodological bases for teaching Chinese to a range of students: children, adolescents and adults.
  • The opportunity to get real teaching experience with students, who will provide first-hand research material for the Master's dissertation.
  • Basic training in research methodology.

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Teaching timetable

Academic and administrative calendars

Study plan structure


Type Credits
Compulsory 42
Master Thesis 9
External Practicum 9





Subject Credits Type
Chinese 6 OB
Chinese Culture and Interculturality 6 OB
External Placement 9 OB
Master's Degree Final Project 9 OB
Research in Teaching and Learning Chinese 6 OB
Teaching and Learning Chinese 12 OB
Theories of Foreign Language Teaching 12 OB




OB: Compulsory