The university master's degree in the Legal Profession prepares graduates in Law to practise as lawyers, pursuant to Law 34/2006 of 30 October. It is a full-time, profession-oriented course aimed at building up the skills and competences needed in the practice of Law. This master's degree has a dual purpose: it provides the necessary training for professional practice and for passing the aptitude test of the Spanish Ministry of Justice. It is organised by the Faculty of Law of the UAB together with the bar associations of Barcelona, Granollers, Manresa, Mataró, Sabadell and Terrassa.

The master's degree in the Legal Profession comprises 90 credits and is structured in two complementary blocks. 

  1. The teaching component, for 60 crèdits (there are 6 modules:  Civil Litigation; Criminal Litigation; Employment Litigation; Administrative Litigation; Consultancy and Legal Document Writing; Professional Code of Conduct, Duty Rota and Law Firm Management) which delivers eminently practical training, provided by the best university lecturers and by highly respected lawyers. This teaching component has the collaboration of judges, notaries, registrars, and tax and Social Security inspectors.
  2. The external work placements, for 30 credits, which offer a wide range of opportunities (law firms in the European Union, the courts, or trials in the Escola Judicial law school).

Key features

  • The master's degree is run by the seven members of the master's degree committee: the UAB Faculty of Law and the six Bar Associations in Barcelona province (Barcelona, Granollers, Manresa, Mataró, Sabadell and Terrassa).
  • All modules are compulsory and coincide with the legal specialisations required in the entry test of the Ministry of Justice.
  • Emphasis is placed on keeping students, lecturers and coordinators in permanent contact.
  • The UAB Master's Degree in the Legal Profession attaches great importance to its external work placements as a way to ensure that its students will achieve their aim of becoming good lawyers. Placement modules may be taken with the following, among others. the six Bar Associations that organise the master's degree: the Judicial School, the courtroom of the UAB Faculty of Law, and the Legal Guidance Service of the Bar Associations (SOJ).
  • All modules are compulsory and coincide with the legal specialisations required in the aptitude test of the Spanish Ministry of Justice.
  • Placements at law firms in the European Union, under the European Parliament's 2014–2020 Erasmus+ programme (Europe 2020 Strategy, Rethinking Education), run by a consortium that includes the UAB and the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB).
  • As a complementary training activity, mock trials are held at the Escola Judicial law school, in competition with other bar associations, and at the courtroom of the Faculty of Law, with serving judges.
  • Workshops are offered at the Faculty itself by major firms.

Career options

On obtaining this master's degree and subsequently passing the aptitude test, Law graduates may practise in any area or specialisation of the legal profession and, depending on each bar association's rules, enter the system of free legal aid and the duty rota.

They are qualified both to work freelance and to be employed by firms.

We recommend that students with qualifications from outside the European Higher Education Area and who have not yet homologated their qualifications contact the corresponding Professional Association for information on the requirements to work professionally in Spain.

Teaching timetable

Horarios y aulario

Official UAB

80 places
Classroom-based learning
Credits: 90 ECTS
Beginning of the pre-enrolment period 11/01/2019
See the calendar
Pre-enrolment open
Price: €41.17 per credit (EU citizens and non-EU holding a Spanish residence permit). 2018/19 Academic year.
€66 per credit (non-EU citizens who do not hold a Spanish residence permit). 2018/19 Academic year.
Faculty: Faculty of Law
Language: Catalan (50%), Spanish (50%).
Coordinator university: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

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