Official Master's Degree in Social Policy and Community Action


The master's degree in Polítiques Socials i Acció Comunitària offers both a professional and a research profile based on the study of public policies and community actions. This training proposal combines the acquisition of theoretical and practical skills with the participation of academic experts and professionals, and uses case studies in order to bring the complex and participative reality of this discipline closer to students.

Career options

The programme equips students with the skills needed to use analysis, design and implementation tools for social policies with which to develop projects in the public management, social research and community work sectors. Training in community actions is approached from a cross-disciplinary viewpoint which includes understanding coexistence, communication and conflicts, in order to apply these skills to social interventions and research.

Public administration: design, plan, deploy and evaluate social policies and community action projects and programmes, as well as guide and coordinate professional teams in community action.
Third sector organisations: design, plan, implement and evaluate projects and social programmes and plans based on community action, and also to guide and coordinate teams of professionals and volunteers involved in these programmes.
Private sector: advise and give external support to the design and implementation of policies, programmes, projects and community activities.

Teaching timetable


40 places
Credits: 60 credits
Beginning of the pre-enrolment period 11/01/2019
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Pre-enrolment open
Price: Students from the EU or Spain: €70 / credit
Non-EU students: €95/ credit
Including administrative fees and student insurance.
Course begins on 14/10/2019
Course ends on 26/06/2020
Faculty: Escola Doctor Robert
Place: Escola de l'IGOP
Language: Spanish (70%) and Catalan (30%)
Coordinator university: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Other participating universities:University of Girona
University of Lleida
University of Vic-Universitat Central de Catalunya

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