University Master's Degree in Social Policy and Community Action

Profession- and research-oriented training with an approach that is practical, multidisciplinary and tailored to the localities where community action and social policy are applied. 

Content Official Master's Degree in Social Policy and Community Action

Master's dissertation

From the beginning of the program and simultaneously to the completion of all modules, the training process will begin for the acquisition of methodological tools of research and analysis that will help the student to complete the master's dissertation.

For the completion of the master's dissertation, students will be assigned a reference tutor who will accompany them throughout the process.

Students who have interest and availability will be able to join some of the research that is currently being developed at IGOP at their School located in Nou Barris, Barcelona. This fact will not exempt the completion of their master's dissertation, although it will be possible to relate it in the aforementioned investigations.