University Master's Degree in Social Policy and Community Action

Profession- and research-oriented training with an approach that is practical, multidisciplinary and tailored to the localities where community action and social policy are applied. 

Enrolment Official Master's Degree in Social Policy and Community Action

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Informative sessions with each programme's direction, from the 20th to the 24th of February. Registration is open!

New master's degree students

Once the definitive access to the master programme is granted, it is necessary to formalize the registration in person at the Academic Services in the dates indicated, and in the day and time assigned via email or telephone.

In case the person concerned can not formalize the registration, he/she must authorize another person, who will have to bring a duly completed and signed authorization with his/her data and those of the authorized person, along with a photocopy of the DNI / NIF of each.

For more information on enrolment, the documentation to be provided and the registration tutorial please check the the admissions and enrolment page.

Information on grants

Information on calls for grants, prizes or subsidies aimed at the university community can be found on the UAB grants portal. This portal includes all grants offered at the UAB, plus certain calls from other institutions.

Please check the specific section for official master's degree grants


Please click HERE for complete information about enrolment and required documentation.


Students from the EU or Spain: €73/ credit
Non-EU students: €99/ credit
Including administrative fees and student insurance.
5% disc. Alumni UAB (applicable only on the first enrolment of the whole course)


60 credits